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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Cancer Link Tenuous, BMJ Article Finds

In February 2012, some media outlets reported on the possibility of a metal-on-metal hip replacement cancer link. Due to the metal ions that all-metal hips shed because of wear, British orthopedists in particular were concerned that metal particles could seep into the bladder and kidneys and cause “chromosomal abnormalities” that could lead to cancer. If the link proved true, it could bolster claims by those filing hip replacement lawsuits against manufacturers such as DePuy Orthopaedics, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary responsible for making the recalled ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System. A study published in the British Medical Journal found that the metal-on-metal hip replacement cancer connection might not be as clear as orthopedists originally thought, and in September 2012, the National Joint Registry of England and Wales (NJR) included an analysis of the study in its annual report that media outlets again picked up.

More Longitudinal Data Needed

The study compared 40,600 people who received all-metal implants with nearly 250,000 who received other types of hip implants. The researchers pointed out that comparing hip replacement recipients with the general population wasn’t a good idea because people who receive hip replacements of all kinds tend to be healthier to begin with. The study found no clear evidence that recipients of all-metal implants developed cancer at higher rates than the control group within the seven-year observation period. In fact, recipients of all-metal hip resurfacing devices were less likely to develop cancer than recipients of all-metal total replacement devices and those of other types. This held true for men as well as women.

Importantly, the researchers stopped short of claiming their findings disproved the cancer link. They stressed the fact that their data were merely observational in nature, and symptoms could present themselves after the seven-year period their study covered.

RLG Advocates for Those Injured by All-Metal Hips

Research on the metal-on-metal hip replacement cancer link is still evolving, but hopefully those who’ve received such devices can find relief in the British Medical Journal‘s findings. That said, all-metal hips have been connected to serious side effects, and if you believe a recalled DePuy hip injured you, it’s important to know that the amount of compensation from a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit might be greater than what the company is willing to provide via its recall reimbursement program. A lawsuit can allow a plaintiff to recover full medical expenses, lost income, transportation costs, damages for pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages. Click on this link or call 1-877-312-3274 and a hip replacement lawyer from the Rottenstein Law group will call you as soon as possible.

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